What We Do

and how we help you save taxes

About Our Programs

We help business owners move money from their business pocket to their personal pocket in a tax advantaged manner.

Our “Capital Transfer Strategy” Program Neutralizes Federal and Capital Gain Tax

Planning Opportunities to increase personal wealth and spendable income

  • Selective, Owner / Executive Compensation
  • Repositioning qualified plan assets – [IRA/401(k) Accounts]
  • Pre-business sale liquidity
  • Post business sale proceeds – [relief from capital gains]
  • Deferred Compensation

Shift personal wealth to creditor and predator protected assets.

Executive Compensation

Grow your business by retaining your executive talent; provide a Non-Qualified Executive Compensation Plan.

  • Expansive and Flexible Plan Design
  • Attract Executive Talent
  • Fosters Executive Loyalty
  • Incentivize Creativity

Maximize your Business Transfer Value with Minimal Taxes

75% of business owners would exit today if their financial security were assured.
Without consulting, US capital gain taxes can eat up the value of your business.

  • Strategically Designed Living Buy Outs
    “Everything we do on behalf of our clients is coordinated with their tax advisers”