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Executive Benefit Strategies, Inc. is a company that specializes in helping business owners move money from their business pocket to their personal pocket in a tax advantaged manner.
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15 Oct Teeny Little Slices

Here in the United States, we spend a lot of time arguing about income taxes . . . who should pay, how they should pay, and how much they should pay. Right now, the average American forks over 13.5% of their income in individual income...

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02 Oct Ornithology

Mary Lou Dobbs Executive Benefit Strategies, Inc. 920 Candelaria Northwest Albuquerque NM 87107 505-343-0617 Office 505-688-6703 Mobile 505-265-8513 Fax www.ebstrategies.com Our "Capital Transfer Strategy" program neutralizes federal or capital gains taxes. Increase Personal Wealth Increase Spendable Income Ornithology Every fall, in one of nature's enduring miracles, birds fly south for the winter. The Sterna Paradisaea , or...

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25 Sep The One Where They Bust the Bitcoin Buyers

Today's high-tech economy is all about reinvention. We've got Tesla reinventing cars, Amazon reinventing delivery, and WeWork turning offices into a "state of consciousness." (Shhh, don't tell Michael Scott.) We've also got Bitcoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies trying to reinvent money. Never mind that most...

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18 Sep Couples Therapy

Reddit's r/relationships forum is one of the internet's favorite soap operas. Posters sum up their angst in a snappy shorthand: "I (22M) have fallen in love with the woman I serve (21F). I left to seek my fortune. But now she thinks I'm dead so...

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11 Sep Cheap Hits

Chances are good that sometime soon, you'll find yourself in front of a football game. Love it or loathe it, from now through early 2020, the game will dominate the airwaves, to the point where, if you can't sleep at 4AM, you can find an...

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04 Sep Deductible Man

"Burning Man" is a celebration of creativity and community that pops up for nine days every year before Labor Day in the Nevada desert. (Turn right at Reno, go about 100 miles, and when it looks like you're actually driving on the moon, you're there.)...

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